Berber D’Or

Vision Statement: Provide the purest form of liquid gold (from the ARGANIA SPINOSA) to enhance any beauty regimen brought directly from the Berber farmers while creating   products that are not only pleasing to the senses but are also a source of beauty and health. Always paying homage to the Berbers, hence the name Berber D’Or.

Mission Statement:  Here at Berber D’Or we value the tradition of the Berber Community’s sacrifice of hard work by paying tribute to the practices that have been around for centuries. We value and respect mother nature’s gift of good health. We are a community of many and value the individuality of all our customers. It is with love and dedication that make us bring the cleanest organic products from mother nature directly to you, from the freshest harvested seeds of Argan, to your homes.


Our Promise:  Berber D’or ‘s partner uses the best harvested seeds, healthy ,organic ,and natural ARGAN OIL. Thank mother-nature for one of its greatest gifts!

All our ARGAN OIL is sourced only from certified organic suppliers. Non GMO.

Berber D’Or's manufacturing partner is FDA-approved, USDA-certified and Eco-certified. It meets or exceeds all municipal and government policies and safety standards as well as Berber D’Or’s independent testing.  While we designed our product packaging and bottling with our customers in mind, we also wanted to maintain the continuity of our partnership by allowing them to take charge of is origination. It is made, packaged and imported directly from Morocco.

Social Responsibility
Berber D’Or 's principles are honesty and responsibility more than just chasing profits. We provide our customers with the very best ARGAN OIL products. Sharing the benefits with all our communities as well as urging all our customers to recycle bottles and limiting the use of plastic products harmful to the environment. Berber D’Or is about preserving nature not harming it.  Never tested in animals.

Berber D’or = The Best Quality You Can Get
The quality of our ARGAN OIL varies depending on many factors such as the weather, farming location, water, soil, time of the year, etc.  Our bottling and packaging are created with preserving the product and its properties. The darkness of the bottles protects and elongates the products shelf life.

Here at Berber D’or, we always thrive to find the best quality ARGAN OIL productivity available. When you see that an item is out of stock, that means Berber D’Or is committed to finding the best quality ARGAN OIL, or the item has been so popular that has exceeded expectations and will return once the very best harvest is available.  We stand behind our product 100%.

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