Our Story

Our founder traveled to Morocco for holiday and unbeknownst to him, discovered familial roots in the region. While venturing the spice markets, he encountered many varieties of delicious products, but it was the smell and the taste of the Argan Oil that impressed him the most. After learning more of the beauty benefits and getting familiar with his community, he later learned of the many health benefits of Argan Oil.

He did extensive research within the Berber Community and within the market market. He then discovered that many products with the name Argan Oil are either bottled in plastic, diluted or mixed with other oils. The beauty of the oil’s compound was being lost. Also lost was the meaningful work done by Berber Community and decided to tribute a product that was as intended to be pure, proud and traditional. Just as nature intended. Our product is directly from the southwest region of Morocco, where Argan trees are endemic. It is a time-consuming process and harvesting is cycled to preserve the trees harvest.  From hand collecting of the Argan fruit, to cracking nut ,manually processing the production of the oil ,to testing and bottling, we ensure the best quality products at a competitive price.

It is with great honor and dedication to this community that we bring our Berber D’Or products to you. We are proud to pay tribute and continued to support to the Berbers.

We thank our families, friends, our partners and hope you join the Berber D’Or family while enjoying our products.



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